All the following testimonials were submitted freely by current or past clients of mine. They are shown here entirely unedited.

Ms D.W. wrote: I have been seeing Kate Gomez for four months on a regular basis as I felt I needed professional help with personal issues which were affecting my mental health and wellbeing.

During this time Kate has guided me from a dark place into new beginnings.

With her advice and understanding I was able to untangle confused thoughts and restructure my mindset about many things.

I would encourage anyone of any age to seek professional help if they feel the need.... It was one of the best decisions I've ever made to send that first email to Kate and set up the first appointment for Counselling within a few days.

I'm now ready to go forward on my own having learned strategies to deal with any issues should they arise in the future.

Mr M and Ms F wrote: We feel that we have worked through our issues to the point where they are no longer a problem, and we have with your help learned to communicate with vulnerability instead of anger.

Mr R.M. wrote: I met Kate Gomez because I’m an elderly man who needed some practical help. I would never have sought help for psychological reasons. It turned out that Ms Gomez enabled me to unburden myself of a lifetime’s accumulated emotional stress. She’s an uncommonly canny expert in her field. I dare suggest that she could achieve the same for you and many others.

Ms S.C. wrote: Kate helped me enormously after my mum died. She helped me get through difficult periods and stay positive. I always felt very at ease during the session. Definitely recommend.

Ms C.S. wrote: Kate was able to guide myself and my adult children through some very difficult conversations that had been causing us to misunderstand each other and was driving us apart. The issues were sensitive and potentially damaging as they involved the behaviour of their father while they were growing up.

Over a series of one on one and group sessions, Kate navigated the issues tactfully keeping us all focused on the result we wanted which was a healthier relationship. As a result, the relationship with my children has been transformed. The things I protected them from as children can now be openly talked about which will mitigate the risk of them unconsciously copying their father’s behaviour – something that was worrying me.

Kate managed to do this entirely online with each of us in a different time zone – she was very flexible about that. I highly recommend her as a skilled and understanding counsellor able to help with family issues.

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